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Sludge Drainage System (Sedimentation Basin)


Enclosure may vary depending on the specifications of the product (water-proof/explosion-proof, Single-Phase/Three-Phase Power).


RPMTECH's Sludge Drainage System is comprised of an efficient auxiliary scrapper (attachment) and a fail-safe MHP (or DHP) Quarter-Turn Actuator (s) attached to a segmented ball valve. The auxiliary scraper attachment and the immediate opening/closing of the ball valve allows for resistance-free (Rabbit-Hole-free) drainage, which helps reduce sludge solidification within the hopper. Also, the actuator is equipped with advanced control modes optimized for efficient drainage and valve disk protection.


  • Compact, All-in-one Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

  • Does not require gearbox: direct power delivery (high efficiency)

  • Modular design (easy maintenance)

  • Equipped with patented manual hand pump

  • Various installation types (able to install actuator and hydraulic cylinder separately for safety and ease of use)

  • Limit settings and parameter settings are easily accessible

  • Self-diagnosis capabilities and password lock for added security

  • Various advanced control modes (refer below to Control Modes)

  • Audible and visible alarm during abnormality

  • Supports various communication platforms (AIO/DIO, Profibus, etc.)


  • Power: Single-Phase AC 110~220V (50/60 Hz) or Three-Phase AC 380~460V (50/60Hz)

  • Enclosure Rating: IP68 Water-proof or Exd II B T4 Explosion-proof

  • Motor Specs: Bidirectional 0.6kW BLDC Motor (DHP Series: 1.2 kW)

  • Torque Range: 600 Nm ~ 32,000 Nm (Contact for higher torque)

  • Minimum Open/Close Time by torque:

MHP Quarter-Turn Actuator
MHPQ (EN).png
DHP Quarter-Turn Actuator
DHPQ (EN).png
Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 4.21.14 PM.png

Certifications vary by product specifications.



Sludge Drainage System (Sedimentation Basin)

Efficient Sludge Drainage System for the Sedimentation Basin (water treatment)

Prevents Sludge Solidification

Efficient Sludge Extraction

Reduced Costs

Many sludge collectors (scrapers) have blind spots within the hopper, which means that sludge can be left uncollected only to solidify within the sedimentation basin. RPMTECH's auxiliary sludge scraper attachment can effectively prevent this by reducing any blind spots in the hopper.

RPMTECH's MHP/DHP Quarter-Turn Actuators are capable of opening/closing the valve in 5~8 seconds or less. Immediate opening of the valve will allow the sludge to immediately whirl down the drain resulting in a more efficient and immediate drainage process. This will prevent the formation of rabbit holes, which is the cause of inefficient drainage.

Sludge moisture content 1.71%P decrease, unnecessarily wasted water 42.6% decrease, sludge drainage efficiency 48.7%. These statistics are the start to reduced installation and operation costs in the long run.

System Configuration

Sedimentation Basin

Ball Valve

Very low flow resistance


Sludge + Water

RPMTECH Actuator

Auxiliary Scraper Attachment


(Left) RPMTECH Auxiliary Scraper VS (Right) Scraper

(Left) RPMTECH Actuator (Ball Valve) VS (Right) Actuator (Gate Valve)

RPMTECH Sludge Drainage 

Collected Sludge: 300 cm 

No sign of Rabbit Hole,

 Efficient and effective


Standard System


Collected Sludge: 251 cm 

Rabbit Hole formed,

Ineffective and incomplete

Sludge Moisture Content

Water Wasted





Sludge moisture content 1.71%P decrease, unnecessarily wasted water 42.6% decrease, sludge drainage efficiency 48.7%.


Control Modes Equipped in the System

Control Modes

Control modes optimized for flow controlwater-hammer absorption, and valve disk protection

Open / Close

Open and Close at constant speed where the speed is configurable.​

(applicable to all models)


Speed Control

The Open/Close operation is divided into 3 sections where the speed and stop time at each section is configurable.

(Included in the system)


Request Quote

Request Quote

Useful details to include: Power (Single-Phase or Three-Phase), Torque (Nm), Enclosure Rating (Water-proof or Explosion-proof), etc.

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Maintenance Manual


 사용자 설명서

User Manual

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